The Story

In December of 2016, we adopted a rescue pup named Bourbon (let’s be honest, he rescued us). From the moment he entered our lives he was obsessed with paper, shredding it, running away with it, eating it….we turned to saying that he just wanted to redesign it. At the time we joked that we would need to start a paper company to keep up with his habit. Over time that seed grew into what is now Bourbon’s Paper Co. 

About the Studio

Our design studio philosophy is rooted in branding. You could say it is a combination of three things, Bourbon (The pup), Bourbon (The Drink), and a strong desire to deliver the highest quality of stationery products we can. We are based out of Winter Garden, FL but source our design inspiration from all over the globe. Small businesses are essential and we try to always utilize them for print fulfillment when possible as they always deliver a superior product. Sustainability is extremely important too, we strive to use environmentally friendly papers, suppliers and processes when available.  We work with vendors, printers, and other creatives from across the country to make your designs a reality.

About Us


Adam is the creative mind behind making your paper dreams a reality. With a Bachelors degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he has spent close to a decade working with both Fortune 50 and Small Businesses to help brand and design numerous projects, websites, and collateral initiatives. It is this passion for branding that he brings to the wedding stationery industry. Your wedding is a brand and you should showcase it that way. 


John is the business mind behind the, well, business. He graduated from the University of Florida and has a passion for logistics, operations and client service. He works hand in hand with Adam to ensure all of our clients needs are met and helps “wild” ideas become realities with vendors from every corner of the design and production world.